They LOVE animals!

We adopted our kitten from PetSave here in Sudbury, and took her to Baxter Animal Hospital for her first vaccinations and to have her spayed, and they took AMAZING care of her while she was there! When I went to pick her up, instead of the veterinarian just verbally telling me instructions on how to care for her during the recovery, they send you home with a printed-out pamphlet with a picture of your animal on it taken while wrapped up in a blanket in recover, and a story told from your pet's perspective relating to the surgery, and do's and don'ts for the upcoming recovery!!! All of the staff members are friendly, caring, helpful, and definitely are passionate about animals. They go above and beyond in many respects, compared to the experiences I've had with some other vets, and although they're priced a bit higher than some, it's worth every penny. My kitty is healthy and happy and a member of the family!!!

By: Delorean

Baxter Animal Hospital

Sudbury, ON